Need a catchy business name?

A good business name for a business or a start up is what a name is to a person. How uncool would that be if someone is called as “a guy with red hair and round glasses.” And equally uncool would be a business a business that is known as “a company that sells customized contact lenses online.” Having a name for a business is extremely obvious. What’s not obvious is that a business has a good and creative business name. Many people go wrong with their selection of a business name that does justice to the business.

Selecting a business name is never an easy task. And on this day, when everything is done, sold, bought and shared over the internet, finding the right business name for your company or startup. With almost everyone hoping to find a place among the “business class”, the boom in the number of startups and the rise in entrepreneurship statistics have made it difficult to find a creative and suitable business name for a company or a start up. The high level of competition has made having a right business name a job that’s easier said than done.

While selecting a business name for a company, one must keep in mind the goal of the business. It is not at all right to have a business name registered just because it sounds good. It must sound significant as well. It doesn’t seem possible to convey the whole purpose and ideology behind the business in a few alphabets, but it is possible to give a hint. Also, the “sounding good” part mustn’t be completely neglected. What sounds good, feels good after, all! A catchy and quick name that is meaningful and easy to remember is the key!

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